How buying Used helps you Save!

2018 Toyota

How buying USED helps you SAVE

When looking for a new car your have so many options between buying new, leasing and buying used. While buying a brand new vehicle always seems like an appealing option it’s not always the best one. Buying the right used car can save you both time and hassle in the long run. But how much money can buying a used vehicle really help you save? Cars are a luxury that we are fortunate to have, and an investment in a vehicle can be an investment in memories, adventures and new experiences. However it is very well known that car's value depreciate over time with every mile. The majority of cars depreciation value happens in the first few years as it transitions from a new car to a used car. Why take that loss in depreciation on your own? By buying a used car you let someone else take the initial depreciation hit and get to enjoy owning that same car for a better price.

Buying used undoubtedly gets you a better initial sale price. This means less car payments and owning your new car sooner. When purchasing a new vehicle the more bells and whistles that comes with it the greater the price. Get more bang for your buck when you buy used. You can find some fully stocked models used for the same price as a brand new base model. Leather seats, navigation, auto start, back up camera, all of these luxurious features can be found in used cars too, we just need to find the right one for you! After purchasing a used car it continues to save you money with lower insurance rates and lower car payments.

So in summary why buy used?

  • Lower monthly payments
  • Payoff sooner
  • Get more for your money
  • Get lower insurance rates
  • SAVE

We will do whatever we can to help you get into the perfect vehicle for you at Boch New To You. Worth the drive from Stoughton, Norwood, and Canton schedule a Test Drive and let one of our sales specialist help you drive away in a car that is meant for you.


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