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Used Ford Dealer Myths People in Dedham, MA, Tend to Believe


Buying a car is an expensive and stressful process, so it’s no wonder why so many people in Dedham, MA, spread myths about buying from a used Ford dealer. But believing these myths can make your car-buying experience more stressful and frustrating than it needs to be. Read up on some of these well-known myths so you can avoid making the same mistakes that other buyers do. It never hurts to be ahead of the curve.


Dealers Are Trying to Take Advantage of You


Is a used Ford dealer trying to sell you a car? Yes, of course. That’s their job. But that doesn’t mean that dealerships are trying to take advantage of you. In fact, they want you to be happy about their purchase. If their customers leave unsatisfied, it hurts the dealership’s reputation. Therefore, don’t treat your dealer as if they’re trying to make your life more difficult. They simply want to get you into the right car for you. Let them help you.


You Should Buy on a Rainy Day


One myth that always seems to be going around Dedham, MA, is the idea that you should buy your vehicle on a rainy day. People think that there will be fewer buyers on rainy days, which means you get more personalized attention. But since this is such a prevalent myth, there are usually lots of car shoppers at dealerships on rainy days. Plus, inclement weather can make it harder to take a vehicle on a test drive. Therefore, it’s generally a good idea to not let the weather dictate when you go to a dealership to buy a vehicle.


Read the Entire Contract


A lot of people in Dedham, MA, will tell you that you need to read the entire contract you’re signing. However, that’s a lot of information to get through. Instead of reading the whole thing, you mostly just have to focus on the numbers involved. Your used Ford dealer can help you with this, so don’t be afraid to ask. He or she is there to help you.


The next time you are ready to buy a vehicle from a used Ford dealer, remember to disregard these myths. They will just make your buying experience more of a headache. For the best deals and prices, come see us at Boch New to You.


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