What are some ways to personalize your pre-owned vehicle?

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You spend a lot of time in your vehicle, so why not make driving more fun with special touches that express your personality? Even the most minimal customization can make your driving experience more comfortable and improve your confidence on the road.

So, what are some ways you can add your own personal touch to your car to make it feel like your own?

Exterior Styling Options

The exterior of your vehicle can be modified in a number of ways, the most obvious being a custom paint job. Choose your favorite color and finish, and maybe even slap on graphics that really speak to your personality. Body kits are also available to modify the shape of your vehicle and have it truly stand out from the crowd.

Fun accents like custom license plates, window tint, and underglow lights can be added and modified to your personal taste, or you can play with available wheel and tire options. Keep in mind that different sized wheels may affect how the vehicle operates, so consult with one of our technicians at Boch New to You Used Cars to make sure your changes are compatible with the vehicle’s handling.

Interior Styling Options

When it comes to the interior, it’s all about the details. Start with some custom upholstery or leather seating, or opt for less expensive seat covers instead. The possibilities are pretty much endless with this feature, so go for that purple leather with pink stitching and an embroidered butterfly. It’s your car, right?

Some quick and relatively inexpensive interior add-ons include steering wheel covers, custom floor mats, and cool add-ons like LED light kits for accent lighting, custom pedals, shifter knobs, and dashboard stickers.

Changes that Improve Performance

If your goal is more than just an aesthetic upgrade, then consider these personalized features that can improve the performance of your vehicle:

  • Lighter roof and hood for more fuel efficiency and speed
  • Performance exhaust for added horsepower
  • Engine upgrade to boost performance and increase horsepower
  • Modified suspension for better handling

There truly is something for every lifestyle, so do some research or ask our service professionals if they have any suggestions that would match your driving needs.

What you can get to personalize your vehicle at Boch New to You Used Cars in Norwood

Changes that Enhance the Experience and Comfort of Driving

There are plenty of accessories and ways to customize the driving experience of your car in other areas than performance and style.

For example, the music lover could add a high-end stereo system with quality amplifiers and subwoofers. The roadtripper could choose the available sunroof for some extra fresh air and openness. For the safety-conscious new parents, adding on available driver’s assistance features that improve their awareness of the road might make their car that much more perfect.

The look of a car can say a lot about a person. What do you want yours to say about you? At Boch New to You Used Cars, we’re here to help you figure that out so your car reflects the unique person that you are.

Have any questions about customizing your pre-owned vehicle? Need to schedule a service appointment? Contact our staff at Boch New to You Used Cars or visit our dealership located at 1201 Providence Highway.

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